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Residential Care (and Polypharmacy)

The GPSC Residential Care Initiative’s MOU was signed in July 2015, leading to new funds now being available for KB GPs who are providing residential care in facilities. For the 2015-2016 fiscal, $116,806.25 was disbursed to 43 GPs. The Residential Care Initiative is continuing for the 2016-2017 fiscal and the funding does not have an end date.

A Division and IH team led by Dr. Trevor Janz is also actively implementing multi-stakeholder Quality Improvement processes throughout Kootenay Boundary. This initiative is attracting provincial attention for its’ use of Quality Improvement principles to improve residential care.

The region has seen dramatic declines over the past several quarters in the use of medication. All but two facilities were below the IH and BC average for nine or more medications in Q3 of 2015, and many facilities have shown a downward trend over the last several quarters.

Thanks to the innovative “Responsive Behaviours in Seniors Rounds Teleconference” which brings physicians, care teams and psychiatrists together on monthly calls to triage current patient cases and share best practices, Kootenay Boundary has seen antipsychotic use, once the highest in Canada, drop down to below the BC and IH average for all but one facility.

Quality improvement work will continue through 2016-2017 and we thank all those who have been involved in the polypharmacy and residential care projects this year.

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