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Division Positions

Besides being a Division member, you can contribute to Divisions work through a variety of positions as a Board member, Shared Care Steering Committee member, serve on the Finance Committee or the HR Committee, or as a Physician Project Lead.

Read the position descriptions below and then tells us what interests you.

Contact KB Divisions executive director Andrew Earnshaw at or 250 505-0288.

Board Member

Job description
A board member is involved in the governance of our non-profit organization. Board members ensure the organization remains focused on the priorities of the Division and what matters most to the membership is a priority of that focus. They ensure that the structure and resources necessary to do the Division’s work are in place. Most board members also participate on a committee or are involved with a project, but that is not required.

Positions include chair, vice chair, physician lead, treasurer, and secretary. There are usually 10 members on the board.

Time commitment
The Board meets once a month (prep time for Board meetings is 1 - 1.5 hrs). There are two additional half-day planning sessions a year, and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) round table once a year.
Most board members also participate on a committee or are involved with a project, but that is not required.

Shared Care Steering Committee

Job description
The Shared Care Steering Committee is a partnership between GPs, specialists, and project/Division staff. The committee is responsible for the governance and oversight of projects funded through Shared Care. This is a high-level governance committee for the seven to ten projects managed by the Division that are related to Shared Care goals.

Time commitment
The Shared Care Steering Committee meets quarterly.

Finance Committee

Job description
This committee is chaired by the Board Treasurer and provides prudent fiscal responsibility for the funding the Division receives. Members with an aptitude for financial management would be most suited for this work.

Time commitment
The Finance Committee meets once a month for about two hours to review financial reports presented by the Executive Director and financial management team.

HR Committee

Job description
This committee oversees the recruitment, engagement, and certification of the Division contracts and employees. Members with experience in personnel management would be most suited for this work.

Time commitment
The HR Committee meets when required for the purposes of recruitment and evaluation.

Physician Project Lead

Job description
There is a Physician Project Lead for every one of the 17 Division initiatives we have. The Physician Project Lead chairs the committee that is working on the project. This person is responsible for supporting the other committee members and engaging with the work in a productive fashion. The lead also shares in the supervision of the Project Manager.

The lead sets the meeting agendas with the Project Manager. The person also works outside of the committee meeting to provide guidance and direction to the work being done. The lead also connects to the community to advance deliverables on the project.
Leadership skills are an important quality to possess in this role because this person serves as the spokesperson for the project. They must be able to communicate the work to a variety of audiences, be diplomatic, politically savvy, and know how positive change occurs.

Time commitment
The time commitment varies depending on the work being done on the project. The committee will meet at least quarterly.

Project Advisory Committee Member

Job description
The Project Advisory Committee is made up of the Physician Project Lead members. The person should have the same qualities as the Project Lead would have. These members are called on to informally speak to colleagues and represent the Division in the community. They consult and connect with colleagues and seek their input on projects in which the Division is engaged.

Time commitment
This committee meets quarterly while also engaging with colleagues throughout the year.

Key Consultant

Job description
A Key Consultant is the same as a committee member, but doesn’t usually attend meetings. This person has a strong passion on an issue and has agreed to be consulted on a project of their choice. A member who doesn’t enjoy attending a lot of meetings but wants to support the project work being done would be ideal in this position.

Time commitment
This position has a minimal time commitment. There may be a few one-on-one meetings or small group meetings to attend over the course of a project.
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