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Patient Medical Home/Primary Care Home

Through 2015-16, the Division has made its first priority to take a strong leadership role in supporting the strategic development and implementation plan for the Primary Care Home/Primary Medical home initiative introduced by the Ministry in spring 2015. The proposed changes are a paradigm shift in how primary care and indeed all health care will be delivered in the near future.

As soon as the Ministry papers came out in March 2015, we went to every medical staff meeting around the region to share highlights and encourage a full review of the papers by all GPs and NPs. In the fall, the Collaborative Service Committee (IH & Division) began positioning ourselves as an early adopter region and have been building strong relationships throughout the year with Ministry of Health, Health Authorities and GPSC leadership.

Around our November AGM in 2015, the Prince George Division and Northern Health Authority leadership toured the region to present their experience of implementing the Patient Medical Home in the north.

In the spring, the Division and our IH partners hosted over a dozen engagement events to explain the pressures motivating this change, how we hoped to bring local control to the process, and an outline of potential new resources that we anticipated will be introduced to support implementation.

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