Mission Division of Family Practice

Community Partnerships

The Mission Division of Family Practice is committed to building partnerships with local and regional health care providers to enhance patient care and access to services.  Through integrating services and increased collaboration amongst service providers we can create a healthier community.  Current partnerships include:

Healthy Community Council

The Mission Division plays an active role in the City of Mission's Healthy Community Council.  This Council brings together a wide range of service providers from the community, all with the common aim of better integrating services and preventing the patient from falling through any gaps in the system. Service providers range from Fraser Health to the RCMP, as well as small, single-issue charities in the community. 

Through the work of the Healthy Community Council strong working relationships have been forged between the various partners with the shared aim of making Mission a healthier community. 

Collaborative Services Committee (CSC)

The Collaborative Services Committee (CSC) was created to foster collaboration between the Mission Division of Family Practice, Fraser Health Authority, and the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) which is a joint partnership of the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC.  When appropriate, community partners are also asked to participate. 

The CSC provides a collaborative venue to co-design new ways of working together, bringing together patient, family, and community perspectives throughout the CSC planning processes.