Sanjam Jhawar

Sanjam2.jpgProject Manager 

Sanjam is a Project Manager for the Division, which means she is involved in a variety of projects and assists our various program managers with the planning and execution of these projects. She is currently involved in Shared Care projects that involve GP and Specialist collaboration, such as Maternity Care, Palliative Care, Older Adult Care, and Chronic Pain. As one of the newest members of our division staff, Sanjam is still becoming comfortable in her new role and is happy to assist division members with projects and initiatives. 

Sanjam graduated from SFU in 2016 with a degree in Health Sciences, concentrating in Population and Quantitative Health. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Health Administration at UBC, which she is excited to finish this year! Sanjam has been working in healthcare for the past 4-5 years. 

One of her passions is travelling and immersing herself in new cultures.


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