Rob Ross

Rob-Ross-IT-Coordinator.jpgIT Coordinator

Rob is the IT Coordinator for the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice. Rob comes with 23 years of customer service and support experience. He has worked in several different fields over his career - from an electronics technician for Rogers, Point of sales technician for IGA grocery stores, web development, and a digital marketing business owner. We are thrilled that Rob joined our division team, as he provides support and education for all our division members and their staff. He also oversees Privacy and Security, which entails upgrading us all to a more secure level.
Some things Rob is doing on a regular basis:

- Developing strategies on improving our Privacy and Security across the division,

- Fixing issues regarding windows, hardware and the network that connects them,

- Liaising between Doctors of Technology and Division staff regarding new threats, and

- Sourcing technologies as a  means to prevent attacks and safeguarding patients’ information

Outside of work, Rob is an avid hiker and competes in CrossFit and Spartan Races. He has also been playing guitar for 4 Years.
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