Patti Scott

patti.jpgPractice Improvement Program Manager

Patti is the Practice Improvement Program Manager for the division. Patti works very closely with members and MOA’s to maximize satisfaction, improve MOA team workflow and provide education through her extensive experience. Throughout her 30 years in healthcare, Patti owned a company focused on practice efficiency for 18 years, worked for PITO and worked in various clinics as an MOA and a practice manager. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education, Patti began teaching for various MOA certificate programs throughout the Lower Mainland. Patti is passionate about sharing and learning and loves to assist medical practices so physicians can enjoy what they do and have pride in their practices in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. Through online and in person sessions, Patti works with MOAs and practice managers to create a community that supports and educates each other so GPs can, in turn, feel supported.

Patti’s favorite quote is: “Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is Happiness”

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