Erin Carey

Erin Headshot.jpgPrimary Care Network Program Manager

Erin is the Primary Care Network Program Manager and has been with the Fraser Northwest Division since 2015. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from SFU and has previous experience in healthcare program planning, research and evaluation, and social service administration.  As the PCN Program Manager, she is responsible for overseeing many of the division programs, and she works closely with our partners on initiatives such as mental health and substance use, registered nurses in practice, and attachment. 

Erin is always actively engaging with members in order to maintain strong working relationships with physicians that are part of the PCN. She continuously accepts physician feedback as a means to help the evaluation of our programs and to improve for the future. 

Seeing the positive changes that occur in healthcare as a result of our members’ passionate commitment to quality improvement is what Erin loves most about this work.

Outside of work Erin enjoys baking fresh bread early in the morning and making music with a classical guitar ensemble. She lives in Maple Ridge with her husband and baby son.  

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