Amy Pulman

AMY.JPGSummer Student - Administrative Assistant

Amy is studying Engineering and Business Administration at Western University and is currently working in a summer student position with the Division as our Administrative Assistant. Amy hopes to eventually work towards a career where she can use technology to make meaningful and sustainable change for the future. She is excited to be working with the division because she realizes that the healthcare system has lots of moving parts and can be really complex, and she believes that the Division does amazing work collaborating with lots of different groups to provide support to physicians, their teams, and their patients. She greatly admires the Division's work and is excited to be a part of some of our ongoing projects. As part of her role, Amy assists with a variety of different projects from many areas of the Division, including ones relating to Practice Improvement and PCN Initiatives, as well as some exciting new media projects. 

Since her work is mostly remote, she enjoys working outdoors and hanging out with her dog while working. During her spare time, she likes doing any and all activities that mean she can spend time outdoors!


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