Top 10 Reasons to Choose Fraser Northwest

  1. City life, or wilderness enthusiast? Fraser Northwest is the best of both worlds! With some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the lower mainland, abundant wildlife, and homes with wide open spaces, Fraser Northwest has it all. If you love the liveliness of a modern city but also want the space to relax in nature, our communities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore and Belcarra have both the city atmosphere and the small town nature vibe, a perfect balance. 
  2. Everything at your fingertips! Unlike remote areas, Fraser Northwest has everything at your fingertips, but without the inflated prices of Vancouver. Whatever type of food you could imagine delivered to your house or dine-in, tons of free recreation activities for kids, and all the city perks of ride-share services - you and your family will never get bored.
  3. The family physician network in Fraser Northwest is very active - physicians in all our communities communicate with one another constantly to improve the way we practice. We have a Slack group with many discussion channels where family physicians can communicate and collaborate, raise concerns and solutions, and connect with their colleagues. Family doctors in Fraser Northwest are never in this alone, there is always a network of your peers to support you.
  4. Teaching clinics - there are dedicated physicians in the community that commit their time to sharing their knowledge and experience with medical students and residents in their practices. This hands on experience and support helps shape the future of family medicine! 
  5. Division support: The division is here to support our members. Want advice on starting your own clinic? Or help training your MOAs on your EMR? Need a website for your clinic, or help getting setup with online booking? Looking for a locum, new physicians, nurse in practice, or new MOAs?  The Division helps with all of this and more. 
  6. Explore BC, right in your own backyard! All of our communities are nestled conveniently close to tons of beautiful hikes: Crystal Falls, Woodland Falls, Buntzen Lake Trail, Coquitlam Crunch, Panorama Trail, and so many more. 
  7. Great for kids (schools, community centres, etc)
  8. The FNW has a diverse patient population which will guarantee you a balanced patient panel. With this, you are also able to incorporate your special interests into your practice. The Division has an Attachment Hub Coordinator that can assist you in building your patient panel.
  9. Just a short drive or Skytrain ride to Vancouver, while still having a tight-knit community feel. If you choose to live in Vancouver and commute, the drive or train-ride is convenient, with many clinics located on Skytrain routes, and you have the benefit of driving against rush-hour traffic. The close-knit community-feel is one of the huge reasons physicians choose to practice here. You really get to know your patients, your physician colleagues, specialists, and the community services available, and feel fully supported in caring for your patients. 
  10. Sessionals for education events: At the Fraser Northwest Division, we support our members with frequent educational and social events. Physicians are compensated for their time attending educational events, such as our “Ask the Expert” event series - connecting family physicians with specialists for knowledge sharing and thought exchanges - and various other educational opportunities. We also host events to upskill MOAs and they are also compensated for attending. 
  11. Good weather year-round! We have been getting about 1 or 2 snowfalls per year for the last few winters, and summer weather is a dream in Fraser Northwest - perfect temperatures, and not extreme heat.