Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Please find below a list of the CME events that have been held.

If you would like to receive any information distributed at any of these events, please email 
Monica McLean



April 21 - Residential Care

Guest Speaker: Dr. Eugene Okorie, Geriatric Psychiatrist

March 10 - GP for Me Wrap Up; Introduction to Pathways


February 18 - Meet the Specialists

Guest Speakers: Dr. Aiden Fernandez; Dr. Chris Waite




December 1 - Ear, Nose and Throat

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Mick


November 19 - Frail Elderly

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Anna Wisniewska; Dr. Sohayl Ghadirian; Dr. Trevor Janz


November 5 - Palliative Care

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Mike Banwell; Dr. Dianne Stockwell


October 22 - MOA Appreciation Night


October 1 - AGM and Meet the Specialists


August 11 - FPSC Vision


July 28 - Breastfeeding

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Shannon Wires


June 11 - MOA Appreciation Night


May 26 - Meet the Specialists

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Marianne Morgan; Dr. Mike Banwell; Dr. Leanne Luft


May 21 - FPSC Residential Care


February 18 - GP for Me; Billing Incentives 

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Catherine Clelland


January 20 - Health Promotions

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Robert Petrella




December 2 - MOA Event - Office Efficiencies; GP for Me


November 18 - Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Guest Speaker: Dr. Stan Szombathy


October 29 - Maternity Child Care

Guest Speaker: Dr. Katharine Smart


October 23 - Frail Elderly

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Trevor Janz


September 25 - AGM and Meet the Specialists

Guest Speaker: Dr. Bill Cavers


August 20 - Chronic Pain Management

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Etheridge


June 3 - Personality Disorders

Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Wilson


May 13 - Obstetrics


April 24 - Residential Care and Polypharmacy

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Trevor Janz; Dr. Tara Sebulsky; Dr. Rosalie Swart


February 25 - Anticoagulants

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gary Victor




December 4 - Divisions Update


November 6 - In Hospital Care; Obstetrics

Guest Speaker: Dr. Cathy Clelland


October 16 - Obstetrics

Guest Speaker: Dr. Katherine Smart; Dr. Roberto Leon


July 23 - Dermatology; Mental Health

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Jaes Chin; Dr. Carmel Anderson


April 16 - Obstetrics; Morbidity/Mortality

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Kathy Wise


April 3 - FPSC Incentives & In Hospital Care Initiatives

Guest Speaker: Dr. Cathy Clelland


February 26 - Gastroenterology

Guest Speakers:  Dr. Carla Nash; Dr. Rafel Perini; Dr. Ken McKenzie




December 4 - Chronic Pain

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Paul Etheridge


November 15 - Residential Care

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Vary Victor


August 14 - Members Appreciation

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Henry Chirayath


May 16 - Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Guest Speaker: Dr. Cathy Staples


April 3 - Mental Health and Addictions

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gabor Mate