Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice


Pathways is a password protected online resource that allows GPs and their office staff to quickly access current and accurate referral information, including wait times and areas of expertise, for specialists and specialty clinics. Access to Pathways is currently limited to GPs and/or NPs (and their staff) within British Columbia who are members of a Division of Family Practice, as well as specialists who fall within the geographic boundaries of these Divisions.
Pathways will identify the best possible specialists and clinics to refer a patient to while taking into account:
  • Which specialists or clinics provide the procedure or care they need for their patient
  • Specialist/clinic location
  • Wait times
  • Investigations required by a specialist or clinic
  • Specialist/clinic referral procedures
  • Languages spoken in the office, etc.
Pathways is currently being used by GPs in 90% of the province. The current data in Pathways represents over 3500 specialist profiles and over 1000 specialty clinic details. Pathways has become the provincial repository for referral forms as well as home to over 2000 physician resources and patient information handouts.
If you would like an office demonstration on how Pathways can benefit you and your MOA, please call your Pathways Administrator at 250-718-0642 or email at codfp@pathwaysbc.ca