Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice

Cedar Sage Health and Wellness

Cedar Sage Health and Wellness

MHSU Mental Wellness Centre

Target Population

The target population includes patients who are moderate to high functioning with mental health or substance use issues that are now impacting their function. These patients would benefit from quick access to short term treatment (3 months) from a multidisciplinary care team.

Exclusionary Criteria

  • Diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder (refer to regular MHSU services)
  • Patients with a strong axis I diagnosis that requires biochemical/neurochemical assessment or longer term treatment.

Services Provided

Patients with mental health and substance use concerns will receive care from a team of professionals. Available services include:

  • physician consultation (medication review, withdrawal protocols, diagnostic clarification, phone consultation with the referring physician)
  • group therapy
  • social work services (practical needs, linking to other resources, financial resources/applications)
  • nursing consultation
  • up to 4 sessions of counselling


Priority will be given to patients requiring more than one service.

You will receive timely response that we have received your referral and upon discharge you will receive a brief summary of services provided and any relevant recommendations.

Process to Refer

  • Use your regular EMR consult letter format
  • Title the referral to: “Mental Wellness Centre”
  • Use a minimum of 4-5 sentences describing the background and situation
  • Please indicate whether any of the following risk factors exist: suicidality, violence, impulsivity, substance use
  • Identify any specific services you are requesting: physician consultation, social work services, nursing consultation, individual counselling, group therapy
  • Attach any relevant medical, counselling, DI, Labs, or medication information

• Send to FAX #: 250-868-7791