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We can help you find a Doctor. Join our waitlist today!

We know finding a doctor can be hard, so we created our Find a Family Doctor Program waiting list which our Family Doctor members use when they have space for new patients. Please read the questions and answers below and then add you and your family to the list.


What is the Find a Family Doctor Program and how will it help me find a doctor?

The Central Okanagan Find a Family Doctor Program is service provided by the Central Okanagan Division of Family Practices which connects patients with a Family Physician.


How do I add my name to the Central Okanagan waitlist?

If you are eligible, (please see eligibility below) you may add your name to the list by completing a form below. Forms can be faxed, mailed or submitted online via survey.


How long will it take me to be connected to a Family Doctor?

Unfortunately, we cannot estimate how long connection will take as it depends on how many doctors are accepting new patients in our community.


Who is eligible?

  1. Be a resident within the Central Okanagan
  2. Not have a Family Doctor in the community or have just recently been released from your Doctor (Your Doctor has retired)
  3. Have active or pending MSP coverage


I’ve added my name to the list. Now what?

You will receive an email once our program coordinator has processed your form and added you to the waitlist. From there we wait. You wait to hear from us and we wait until a provider has room for more patients.

We will try our best to match you with a Family Doctor; however, please note that there is limited capacity in the Central Okanagan. You will be placed on a waitlist until a Family Doctor is available.  Once availability opens up for a Family Doctor then We will deliver your form and contact information to the medical clinic and the clinic will reach out to you directly.

This process is to attach people to a Family Doctor who currently don’t have one. If we determine you already have a Family Doctor, we will not match you to a new one.


Where am I at on the list?

We have received a higher-than-normal volume of applications since July 2021 and our waitlist is sitting at 20,000. Due to the size of our waitlist, forms are triaged based on urgency. Please include as much information as possible on your form so that our team can triage you appropriately.


My information has changed since I filled out and submitted my form. How do I update my information?

Please retake the survey and select the option that says, “I am updating the information of a previously submitted survey.”


I’ve found a doctor who can take me on as a patient. What do I do?

Please use our contact form to let us know and we'll remove you from the list.


Add Your Name to the Waitlist Now!

If you have read the guidelines above and are eligible to be added to the waitlist, please choose an option below that is right for you and complete our form:

Please complete the form in its entirety, please do not leave any portions blank.


You have added your name to the waitlist. Now What? Where can you go if you need care in the meantime?

Options include Kelowna General Hospital ER, and if the problem is less serious, then either Urgent and Primary Care Centers or walk-in clinics

Visit medimap.ca for a list of walk-in clinics and their current wait times. 
Please note: It is possible that not all walk-in clinics are using this service