Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice

Diagnostic Imaging

An example of our work in the community:

The Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice has adopted the Triple Aim approach for all of our initiatives. The Triple Aim considers: patient outcomes, patient/provider experience and system sustainability. Below is an example of one of our initiatives.

Improving patient access to ultrasound and CT imaging

Our first initiative sponsored by the Shared Care Committee was a partnership between the CO Division, local radiologists and Interior Health. As a result of this partnership we improved access for patients requiring urgent access to ultrasound and CT imaging, improved the ability to triage patients and improved the management of the waitlist. Ultimately we improved patient care, decreased frustrations when accessing imaging and improved knowledge and awareness of system constraints so patients and physicians can appropriately choose diagnostic options.


A story from a family doctor:

"My patient, who had fallen and hit his head came into my office complaining of confusion, dizziness and overall just not feeling well. I decided to watch the symptoms for a day or two and when the patient returned still feeling not well, immediately requested a CT head scan and identified that it was needed within 48 hours. The scan was done in the requested time frame and immediately upon seeing the results; the radiologist referred the patient to ER. Surgery was done the next day as the CT scan had revealed a large bilateral hematoma. My patient’s outcomes were good and the new process supported me the way I needed it to."