Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice

Rutland Medical Associates




Dr. Joshua Nordine
Dr. Anthony Morham - click here for Online Booking
Dr. Christine Blyth
Phone: 250-765-4117

Dr. Valentin Suciu
Phone: 250-765-8220

Dr. Alastair Bryce
Phone: 778-753-1819

Dr. Tatyana Wells
Dr. Ali Moffat
Dr. America Uribe Lima
Phone: 250-765-6767
Email: N/A
Hours: The following hours are temporary, and we hope to expand shortly

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00am - 4:15pm
  • Wednesday: 2:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Friday: 8:00am to 1:00pm


Patients of Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Lesperance, and Dr. Verhelst can request their medical records by:
1. Visiting the MedRecords’ website at https://medrecords.ca/patients
2. Contacting MedRecords over the phone at 604-800-7079.


Address: 200 - 285 Aurora Crescent, Kelowna, BC V1X 7N6
Phone (Admin office): 250-765-9011, Ext. 5
Fax (shared):  250-765-9015 

Virtual Care Directory for patients who might be seeking virtual care:
            Virtual Consent form: N/A

Cancel Appointments: 24 hours notice is appreciated but all calls received to cancel are accepted


Kelowna Intrauterine Contraception Services (KICS)
Website: Kelowna Intrauterine Contraception Services Website


1. Are you a walk in clinic?
All patients are seen by appointment only. Once you have been accepted as a patient, please call and book an appointment prior to coming.

2. Can I call in and get my test results?
For patient protection, test results are not given out over the phone. All results are reviewed by the doctor. When necessary the staff will phone to book a follow up appointment. If you wish to discuss any test results you are welcome to call and schedule an appointment as well.

3. Why does the doctor get behind at times?
Once in a while there is an emergency situation or the doctor may need to spend extra time with a patient who is very sick. This cannot be helped. You can assist as well. When booking an appointment, make it clear to the staff what the appointment is for. This is to ensure the appropriate amount of time is allotted.

4. Will the doctor renew my prescription over the phone?
It is not our policy to do prescription renewals over the phone. Please book an appointment for renewal at least two weeks before your prescription runs out.

5. What are uninsured services?                                                                                               The Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not pay for all services. For example: the time required to complete forms; driver, camp and work medicals and any cosmetic procedures are often not covered. These will be billed privately, and payment will be requested in full at the time the service is provided. A fee schedule for these services is posted at the clinic. We accept cash and personal