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Our physicians are doing virtual care, with in office visits for essential matters. Please call ahead if you require an in office visit, physical distancing measures are in place.   
If you are being seen in person, please fill out your Covid-19 screening form, available on our website www.lakepointmedical.ca and click on the Patient forms folder. 
Covid screening forms must be filled out within 24hours of your appointment.  
You must wear a mask and sanitize your hands when you come into the office. 
Only the person being seen by the doctor should attend the appointment. One caregiver can accompany children or others, if absolutely necessary. 
Our waiting room is closed. Please arrive only at your scheduled appointment time, otherwise you will be asked to wait in your car until the physician is ready to see you.
Please keep your inquiries during the appointment related to the reason that was booked to be seen in person; in order to see the patients, we need to see in person, and keep everyone safe and physically distanced, we need to move people through the office within appointment times booked. 
If you have any symptoms of COVID 19, do not come to the office; contact us at: 778-755-0700

Please contact the COVID-19 test booking line by phone at 1-877-740-7747 or online (https://interiorhealthcovid.secureform.ca/index.php) to book an appointment for COVID testing. 

If you are seriously ill, you should proceed to the KGH Emergency Room for assessment.



Dr. Peter Warren
Dr. John McNern

*Offering both booked and walk-in appointments every day that we are open*



Address: Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre - 202- 525 Highway 97S, West Kelowna BC, V1Z 4C9
Phone: 778-755-0700
Fax: 778-755-0705 
Email: N/A
Website: https://www.lakepointmedical.ca

Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm

Consent for sharing information electronically
Patient Intake Form
Lakepoint Email Consent
Covid-19 Screening Form

Virtual Care Directory for patients who might be seeking virtual care:
            Virtual Consent form: N/A

Patient Online Self Directed Booking:  https://lakepointwalkin.iamsick.ca

Cancel Appointments: N/A


Virtual Care Update 
To reduce the spread of COVID 19 the doctors at Lakepoint Medical Clinic are doing telephone and video appointments.  Please book online at https://lakepointwalkin.iamsick.ca or visit our website at https://www.lakepointmedical.ca/.  Please note, all patients who haven't been to Lakepoint Medical Clinic before need to fill out our Patient Intake Package before their appointment.  This can be found on our website.  During your virtual appointment, the doctor will determine if an in office visit is necessary.  Provincial Health Protocols are in place and a mask must be worn to your in office appointment.  
Lakepoint Medical Clinic Team
At Lakepoint Medical Clinic, our front office staff and doctors work as a team to give you the best patient care.  If your family doctor is unable to see you, we are able to book an appointment with one of our other doctors.  We provide various office procedures such as injections, lacerations, wart removal and dressing wounds.  Our clinic also provides chronic disease management, attend nursing homes and provide palliative care when needed. 

Appointment Length

A basic appointment lasts 10 minutes.  Sometimes it is not always possible to discuss all issues during this appointment and a second appointment may need to be made.  
While we don't have a No Show Fee at this time, please let us know as soon as possible of a cancellation of your appointment so we can fill your appointment spot with another patient in need.  


Same Day Appointments/Walk In's

We will make every effort to fit in urgent cases the same day with one of our doctors.  Our walk in hours are open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.  

Our doctors will not call in your prescription.  Please note, an appointment will need to be made to renew any prescriptions.  Please make sure all prescriptions are up to date.  As we try to fit in all last minute prescription renewal appointments, we may not be able to accomodate all last minute appointments.  

Uninsured Services

Uninsured services are services that the Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not pay for. For example, insurance forms or letters, driver and work medicals, massage/physiotherapy, sick notes, etc.  There will be a fee associated with all Uninsured Services.  Please call our clinic to inquire.   


Test Results

If test results are abnormal we will contact you to book a follow-up appointment with one of our doctors. If you are concerned about your results, or would like to know the results of any tests, please book a follow up appointment by calling our clinic or booking online. Please note, results will not be given out over the phone.  

You can access your lab results through “My E-Health”; sign up is at the lab or at https://secure.myehealth.ca/#/.


Referral to a specialist

Specialists require a referral from a physician for an appointment to be made.  Please book an appointment with your doctor to discuss if a referral is needed.  We can determine what tests are required prior to faxing your referral, and which specialist would best serve your needs at this time.  Please note, an appointment cannot be made with a specialist before the referral gets sent.  

Vaccinations Available in Clinic:
Tetanus Booster
Influenzae vaccine seasonally
For the following you will need to discuss with your doctor and have a prescription filled:
Shingles (Zostavax or Shingrix)
Hep A (Havrix)
Hep A/B (Twinrix)



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