Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice

CME and Learning Events

COVID-19 Practice Essentials Program

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CIRD staff have put together a learning series to share with members some of the rapidly evolving information and tools being developed to support new ways of practicing at this time.  The first two sessions covered new virtual care platforms Zoom and Doxy.me.  For more information on either of these tools there has been subsequent training developed by the Doctors of BC, Doctors Technology Office.  Click here to find out more.

On Saturday April 25th, CIRD staff hosted a session on Current Business Supports for Family Practices.  Presenter, Joanne Wall, external accountant for a number of Divisions provided an update on government programs, business support services and tax changes that affect your clinics.  The session included a question and answer period for all participants and was limited to family physicians.  To download key learnings and a list of resources click here.

On Saturday May 9th, Division staff hosted another session covering Real Time Virtual Supports currently being offered to rural physicians through the Rural Coordination Centre.

Highlights of this session included:

  • calling RUDi from within the session to demonstrate how to use RUDi
  • Insider information from physicians who developed and use RUDi and ROSe
  • Connections to programs specifically targeted at enhancing your experience in rural medicine

Presenters Dr. Hubler, Dr. Du Toit, Dr. Blacklaws and Ms. Beamish shared their expertise on virtual supports for emergency and family physicians. Dr. Du Toit and Dr. Blacklaws spoke to their experience using RUDi and ROSe, services that connect 24/7 to experienced physicians who understand the challenges of practicing rurally. RUDi can be seen as a virtual urgent primary care centre providing access to a physician who supports the primary care and ER teams in rural communities. ROSe physicians are available to help you navigate acute, chronic, life threatening as well as non-life threatening patient care issues. Dr. Hubler and Laura presented on new supports such as REAKT, which can mobilize med students as peer reviewed researchers on your behalf, and established programs such as CAMP, which can connect you to a physician mentor who will partner with you in enhancing an area of your practice. To watch a recording of this session, hit play below.