Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice

A GP for Me

A GP for Me was a province-wide initiative funded jointly by the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC (formerly the BC Medical Association). The initiative aimed to:

  • Enable patients who want a family doctor to find one.
  • Increase the capacity of the primary health care system.
  • Confirm and strengthen the continuous doctor-patient relationship, including better support for the needs of vulnerable patients.

It also included funding to Divisions of Family Practice over three years to:

  • Conduct research to evaluate the number of people looking for doctors in their community, the needs of the local family physicians, and the strengths and gaps in local primary care resources.
  • Develop a community plan for improving local primary care capacity, including a mechanism for finding doctors for patients who are looking for them.

The Central Interior Rural Division has now completed the Implementation phase of the initiative.

Continuation Update

The CIRD has identified three strategy areas that have qualified for further development after March 2016. The extension of these programs has been discussed with all partners involved including our Recruitment and Retention team, First Nations Health Authority, and Interior Health. All partners support these programs and look forward to seeing continued success.

Improved access to Primary Care for Rural and First Nations Communities.

This program has demonstrated that it will have a significant impact if given more time.  The project team has prioritized marketing and promotion efforts, and is working to increase awareness throughout the CIRD region. Extending the time period for this strategy will enable more patient appointments and will allow the project team to facilitate more physicians and sites going live. This program has been designed to directly impact patients and provide them with improved access to primary care.

Practice Efficiency –

This program focuses on optimizing efficiencies within physician practices. This will be done through advanced EMR training, engagement session to explore alternate models of care, and expanding our MOA Network. The time extension will allow for further development all three of these areas during 2016.

Recruitment & Retention –

Practice Coverage Locum Program

Launched in January of 2016 this program has received strong physician engagement and a growing list of potential Locums. A time extension will allow the program to provide support to multiple physicians and will allow more time for feedback, evaluation of impact, adjustment (where necessary). By focusing on improving physician coverage and ensuring that practices do not close while physicians are away, this program supports all three of the A GP for Me goals.

Marketing Materials

5 Recruitment and Retention Videos have been created, featuring the fantastic lifestyles in 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, The Cariboo Chilcotin as a rural region, and the great opportunities for locums, residents and students. (link)

Moving Forward

Where possible, other successfully implemented A GP for Me initiatives, such as the online FETCH Health Directory, promotional Videos and First Nations Cultural Competency Training have been blended into regular CIRD administrative and staff activities and will continue to be managed and supported, where possible in to the future. These practice support, recruitment and retention, and improved access activities will continue to enhance primary care capacity for our Cariboo and Chilcotin communities

For more information contact A GP For Me Project Co-ordinator: Jill Zimonick

Our December 2015 Implementation Update is available here.

Our 2016 Transition Update is available here.