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At Your Cervix - Okanagan Women's Clinic





The At Your Cervix - Okanagan Women's Clinic is still running at full capacity but reflecting the Covid restrictions of Hillside Medical downstairs. 

All patients are screened at the front desk downstairs. Patients must have a medical grade mask on, temperature taken and hands sanitized before they are sent up. 

Please note only one or two patients are allowed in the office at a time and there is no waiting room whatsoever.

We ask that patients arrive right on the time for their appointment. If you are early, please wait in your vehicle until it is time for your scheduled appointment.  Please check in downstairs and our staff will let us know when you have arrived and bring you up.

All consults and follow-ups are being done via video chat or by phone. Patients who require physical insertions, paps, string checks and any other follow-ups that require being seen in person will be the only ones coming into the office. Please note these are all on a "booked" basis, there are no drop ins.

Hours are limited, in office procedures are being held on Monday to Thursday. T


At Your Cervix - Okanagan Women’s Clinic

Dr. Katrina Best
Dr. Rene Vorster
Dr. Katherine Bielas



Address: 114 – 1920 Summit Drive, Kelowna, BC V1V3E9.  (Located within Hillside Medical Clinic)
Phone: 778-484-5166
Fax: 250-712-4968


We are open Monday to Friday  from 8am - 4pm  
However, we only book appointments with the Doctors Mon-Thurs 

** This outline of hours is subject to changes when there is a holiday, in which case our voicemail will specify the changes for that week. 


Virtual Care Directory for patients who might be seeking virtual care:
            Virtual Consent form: N/A

Cancel Appointments: 24 hours notice is appreciated but all calls received to cancel are accepted


We accept referrals for the following:

  • IUD for contraception at any age
  • IUD for peri-menopausal bleeding
  • General contraceptive counseling
  • IUD removals 
  • Copper IUD for emergency contraception
  • Nexplanon Implant insertion and removals
  • Endometrial biopsies for AU

NOTE: if you are a Family Physician referring for a pap, you must attach the patients last pap record.



Based on the recommendation of the Canadian Paediatric Society

We are a team of female physicians passionate about providing access to IUDs. We appreciate receiving a referral letter with any relevant medical history. We are on Pathways and Divisions websites. Please let us know if you require assistance getting the information into your EMR.