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April 18, 2019

Primary Care Network Update:

Saanich Peninsula Primary Care Network (PCN) Update:

On April 8th, the Ministry of Health requested the SP PCN revised submission document by mid-April. While the SIDFP has approved the plan, to adhere to this timeline, a detailed implementation plan has been requested by one of our partners before signing off on the revised submission and the Letter of Intent. We are working with the Island Health PCN planning members to create a high-level implementation plan for Phase I of the SP PCN. This is challenging due to the number of outstanding issues requiring clarification from the MoH that are likely not forthcoming by the intended Letter Of Intent submission date of April 30th.

The MoH has requested a meeting on April 17th to touch base with SIDFP and VIHA to discuss our timeline to submission.

At the April 8th SP PCN Physician Leadership meeting, agreement was reached to form topic-specific working groups to support the planning and implementation of the PCN:

First Nations Working Group – Physician Lead: Dr. Krista Stogryn.                                        The first meeting of this working group was held on April 10th, with representation by Health Directors or Managers from all four W’SANEC communities, one MOA, and the Island Health Aboriginal Health Manager, in addition to the core IH/SIDFP planning team.

Team Based Care Working Group – this will be a joint WG with the Western Communities PCN team. SP Physician representation confirmed by Dr. David Harrison, Dr. Jaron Easterbrook, Dr. Kate Evans and Dr. Laura Ritonja.

Capital Planning Working Group – SP focus only -Physician representation confirmed by Dr. David Harrison, Dr. Jaron Easterbrook.

Health Connect Registry Working Group – this will be a joint WG with the Western Communities to determine the local implementation process for the Provincial Health Connect Registry in the SP and WC PCNs.

Communications Working Group – TBD

Information Technology Working Group – TBD

Details about the frequency and location of these new working group meetings will be posted here on the Primary Care Network page as they become available.

*The invitation to participate in any of these working groups is open to all SIDFP members. If you are interested and able to participate, please email Valerie Nicol - to receive further details.

Also at the April 8th SP PCN Physician Leadership meeting, discussion of our PCN capital funding allocations process resulted in agreement to utilize a portion of the “South Neighbourhood” capital budget to cover the current costs associated with planning the South Community Primary Health Care Centre. 

The capital planner has completed meetings with interested SP clinics, and further planning has begun on the South Community Primary Health Care Centre.

Recurring Saanich Peninsula Primary Care Network Meetings:

  • Saanich Peninsula Steering Committee – meets bi-weekly
  • Saanich Peninsula Physician Leadership Committee – meets bi-weekly
  • W’SANEC Community partners meeting – frequency to be determined

If you require further information about any of the above, please contact Valerie Nicol – SIDFP Saanich Peninsula PCN Project Director at:


Western Communities Primary Care Network (PCN) Update:

Primary Care Network Steering Committee and Working Groups Updates:

  • Western Communities PCN Steering Committee: approved a response to the Ministry of Health’s feedback on the Western Communities PCN Service Plan.  This response was based upon a revised attachment gap of 35,865 in 2019 that increases to 54,835 in 2022.  The response was presented to the Ministry on March 18th.  The Western Communities PCN Steering Committee (SC) is awaiting a response from the Ministry.
  • Team-based Care Working Group:  next meeting on April 25th will focus on a review of the terms of reference and workplan for this working group in addition to a discussion of draft workflows for pharmacists, social workers and nurse practitioners.
  • Health Connect Registry Working Group:  inaugural meeting was held on April 3rd; reviewed terms of reference and guiding principles for the Health Connect Registry.  A HealthLink representative overseeing the initial trial of the Registry in Kamloops will attend the meeting on April 17th to provide information on lessons learned. 
  • Physician Compensation Working Group:  no updates from the MoH regarding new physician compensation options.  Awaiting information on service contracts for physicians with patient panels. 
  • Communications Working Group:  discussed budget for Right Care Right Place distribution of rack cards/posters and messaging is being developed for public enquires regarding attachment at the Westshore Urgent Primary Care Centre.
  • Physician Leadership Working Group:  discussed the Governance Model for the Western Communities PCN.  Support was expressed for the concept of a non-profit society with charitable status.    

Upcoming Meetings

(your participation is welcome and teleconference options are available)

  • Western Communities PCN Steering Committee:  April 26th - meeting + Blanket Exercise
  • Team-based Care Working Group:  April 25th
  • Physician Leadership Group (Western Communities):  April 26th
  • Health Connections Waitlist Working Group:   May 1st
  • Communications Working Group:  April 25th

Should you be interested in participating on the above committees or if you have any questions or comments, please contact .  


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Primary Care Announcement from the Premier of BC, dated May 24, 2018.