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You will find information on Plastic Surgery doctors below. Most doctors will have a Pathways Profile where you can gain access to their address and contact information.

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Plastic Surgeon


View Profile 64843 Robinson, Dr. Jennifer Cosmetic medicine, microsurgical post cancer reconstruction, nerve surgery, transgender and breast reconstruction.
View Profile 2749 Gray, Dr. Jason Facial plastic surgery
View Profile 68484 Dr. Homan Cheng Craniofacial anomalies (congenital and secondary), paediatric plastic surgery, hand and wrist surgery.
View Profile 8199 Smith, Dr. Ken Aesthetics only, no MSP referrals
View Profile 68447 Krauss, Dr. Emily Breast reduction, benign breast, implant based delayed breast reconstructions, hand surgery, brachial plexus injury, nerve injuries, nerve compressions in the arms and legs, hand injury, hand arthritis (OA and inflammatory), hand fractures, complex hand and nerve injury and reconstruction, ulnar nerve/cubital tunnel syndrome, facial paralysis reconstruction, melanoma.
View Profile 63117 Morley, Dr. Rebecca Paediatric plastic surgery, hand and wrist surgery, skin cancers, cosmetic breast surgery, cosmetic abdominal surgery.
View Profile 23785 Djurickovic, Dr. Slobodan Aesthetic Surgery – Hand & Wrist Surgery, Facelift, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augment, Abdominoplasty
No Profile   Naysmith, Dr. J. David Aesthetic Surgery - Face, Breast, Abdomen, Post Bariatric Reconstruction, PostTrauma Reconstruction
View Profile 24347 Taylor, Dr. Chris Breast Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Microsurgery,Pressure Sores




Plastic Surgery 305-3066 Shelbourne
St, Victoria, BC,
V8R 6T9

Phone: 250-592-5510
Fax: 250-592-9601 (For Referral: Fax Letter)
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 301-1625 Oak Bay Ave,
Victoria, BC,
V8R 1B1

Phone: 250-595-6009
Fax: 250-595-4077 (For Referral: Fax Letter)
Burn & Wound Clinic Phone 250-590-4429 to speak to Plastic Surgeon on Call
Urgent Access Clinic Phone 250-590-4429 to speak to Plastic Surgeon on Call