South Island Division of Family Practice



You will find information on Maternity doctors below. Most doctors will have a Pathways Profile where you can gain access to their address and contact information.

Pathways Profile


Maternity Physician

View Profile 4525 Becker, Dr. Erin
View Profile 65552 Harmon, Dr. Caitlin
View Profile 25588 Johnston, Dr. Shana
View Profile 27981 Michel, Dr. Alison
View Profile 63671 Power, Dr. Alicia
View Profile 66368 Riemer, Dr. Juliane
View Profile 66135 Smirnov, Dr. Ioanna
View Profile 64092 Tranmer, Dr. Jenn
View Profile 8300 Salmaniw, Dr. Walter
View Profile 975 Christie, Dr. Gordon
View Profile 4273 Grant, Dr. Elizabeth
View Profile 68892 Birdsell, Dr. Laura
No Profile 9843 Fast, Dr. Eunice
No Profile 23878 Jones, Dr. Judy
No Profile 24995 Leggatt, Dr. Suzi
No Profile 27770 McLeod, Dr. Nancy
No Profile 4883 Houghton, Dr. Peter
No Profile 5894 Lane, Dr. Martin
No Profile 28954 Manklow, Dr. Jennifer
View Profile 7049 Harper, Dr. Telen
No Profile 24292 Mihalynuk, Dr. Tracy
No Profile 26912 Spratt, Dr. Laura
View Profile 24279 Marjorie van der Linden, Dr. Ann
No Profile 9872 Tamboline, Dr. Colin
No Profile 8108 Saunders, Dr. Robin
View Profile 63035 Atchison, Dr. Amy
No Profile 1739 Cook, Dr. Alan
View Profile 63026 Daniel, Dr. Kendra
No Profile 24636 Down, Dr. Hugh
No Profile 5666 Doyle, Dr. Donna
View Profile 2294 Ferg, Dr. Allison
View Profile 26597 Lenser, Dr. Rose
View Profile 8781 Mentz, Dr. Monica
No Profile 63014 Ng, Dr. Carol
No Profile 9853 Nielsen, Dr. Darcy
No Profile 24308 Yue, Dr. Anthony
No Profile 63166 Simcoff, Dr. Micah
View Profile 24114 Olsen, Dr. Patricia




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