Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice

Division At-A-Glance

A Unique Structure for a Unique Division

Most of BC’s 35 local divisions of family practice are ​geographically based, bringing together family doctors working in close proximity to advance local priorities. With rural and remote doctors dispersed in small communities throughout the province, our Division was created with a unique structure to facilitate both local collaboration and influence BC-wide change on issues that impact rural health care.

All Division members are assigned a chapter. Most chapters are geographically based, enabling both in-person and virtual collaboration on initiatives members have identified as important to their communities. There is also an Open Chapter, which welcomes locums, doctors from communities too small for a regional chapter, and those who prefer to concentrate on provincial-level opportunities for rural health care improvement.

As the Division grows, new geographic chapters continue to be formed. Visit our Chapters section for information on our current chapters. To explore forming a chapter in your area, contact our Executive Director, Terrie Crawford.