Collecting information for Pathways

Gathering information about community services

While many Divisions focus on the specialist referral component of Pathways, do not overlook the value that Pathways offers as a storehouse for a variety of resources (i.e., patient resources, physician resources, community services, allied health).

If you plan to maintain a list of community services in Pathways it is advisable to organize them in accordance with the classification categories listed in Pathways: 

  1. Abuse / Neglect
  2. Addictions
  3. Allied Health Professionals
  4. Condition Specific Support Groups
  5. Education / Employment
  6. Equipment
  7. Family Life
  8. Financial
  9. First Nations Health
  10. Food
  11. Gov’t / Legal / Complaints/Advocacy
  12. Homecare
  13. Immigrant Health
  14. Mental Health
  15. Recreation / Social / Spiritual
  16. Seniors
  17. Shelter
  18. Transportation

NOTE: A key consideration is whether you wish to have your community service listing only available to the medical community, which is the case with Pathways, or also to the public and/or to be updatable by the service agencies themselves. If you prefer the latter, consider using another tool/directory with a link in Pathways. 

There is no pre-determined document layout format for community services in Pathways. You therefore have the option of designing something that works for your users. For consistency’s sake, you may want to consider creating a format that works across a wide range of services.

When displaying information you have three options:

  • Upload a PDF document created by the community service agency,
  • Prepare and upload a PDF document created by division staff, or
  • Provide a link to the community agency’s website.

Where it makes sense to do so, consider using a link to the most relevant page of an agency website since this involves the least amount of maintenance on your part and increases the likelihood of users receiving current, accurate information.

We hope you have found this information to be useful. We also very much encourage you to contact Ryan Lammertsen, Pathways Executive Lead, at to ask any questions you may have prior to getting started, or to request a demonstration of Pathways for your Division.