Impact Measurement Framework

The provincial Impact Measurement Framework (IMF) is designed to capture and demonstrate how divisions engage with physicians and enable physicians to participate in system change and have an impact of health care. 

​As the first step in the IMF process, divisions are being asked to report to the best of their ability on their 2016/17 activities​, focusing on three of the seven change enablers:

•    Meaningful Member Engagement
•    Physician Leadership
•    Robust Partnerships and Integrated Planning

Divisions can watch the Impact Measurement Framework video below for more detailed information​:

The Impact Measurement Framework Questionnaire

Divisions are required to complete the Impact Measurement Framework Questionnaire, which is designed to gather information about physician participation in events, partnership activities, and other division activities that were supported by infrastructure funding, collaboration boost and collaboration funding, and health system redesign funds.  

​The deadline to complete the questionnaire is July 15th, 2017.

Physician Leadership: The physician interview process

​The second step in the Impact Measurement Framework process is to ​look at the ways in which divisions support physician leadership. ​In summer 2017, interviews will be conducted with a sample set of physician leaders across a range of urban, semi-urban, and rural areas of the province. The interviews will be carried out by an independent consultant, and all responses will be anonymized. The information gathered in these interviews will be used to create a high-level overview of physicians’ experience as leaders, enabled by their participation in division work. 

Twenty physicians will be interviewed as a starting point (four from each health authority region). 

Divisions may be contacted to nominate two physicians from ​their division to participate in the interview process. 

Criteria for selecting the two physician leaders will be:

-One is an experienced leader and one is an up-and-coming leader.
-Both are current or former Board members and/or CSC co-chairs.  
-Each one has experience:

  • Leading at least one project with their division.
  • Supporting change within the larger healthcare system.
  • Working with other health system partners to facilitate change.
  • Progressing as a leader with support from their division (or in conjunction with their Division work).

Additional info: 

  • Physician leaders should be selected through a discussion with the Board of Directors.
  • Interviews will be no longer than 45 minutes.
  • All responses will remain anonymous.
  • Physicians will be compensated for their time.

Once the responses have been collated, ​they will be reviewed with focus group of divisions and the physician leaders who were interviewed ​to help identify resources to support physicians in developing their leadership skills. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the IMF process, please contact your Community Liaison or e-mail